Case Studies and Testimonials.

We believe that direct and regular communication and staying updated of local current market conditions are keys to a successful outcome.

Whether our client is a property management company, relocation company or an individual we strive to get you the results in a timely fashion. A signedagency representation agreement outlines the commitment that a client and real estate brokerage makes to each other.


Have a look at the following case studies for an example of our service that will illustrate the types of situations we work in followed by Testimonial remarks.


Case Study.

Client Request to find a Rental property in a Limited Timeframe:

Requirements: Square footage, location, modern or established well maintained building and more.

Marilyn Rothman: This client was new to the apartment rental market having owned a house for many years.

Objective:After initial discussion and review of our checklist, to find a secure building comfortable and close to transportation and shops with concierge, parking and some amenities with a plan to having the space requirements requested in order to accommodate an occupancy date that was required.

Result: After a process of fine tuning the criteria, and revising our original checklist, found an apartment that was sunny, bright in a building that was comfortable and with amenities that were appreciated. Regular, exchanged communication likes, dislikes important to reduce the cut list to a properties that was suitable for individual needs.†††

Marilyn Rothman: At first a tenant can look online and anyone can do this now a days to see the inventory which can initially help.Once the serious task comes to reducing the selection and procuring a lease, it is necessary to get help and a Real Estate Tenantís Agent is on your side to work in your best interests.The client was sincere about her likes and dislikes, and we had a very good exchange, learning personal likes and requirements.

The aim to receive the information that can produce results to a list that is close to the clientís criteria or the search can be overwhelming and confusing. We donít want it to be. We help a client by assisting with focusing on location(s), knowledge of the building(s) rental search that would reduce the location after feedback and questions to help navigate to focus on reducing the selection to property selections that works for the client.We were able to do this and achieve results in a very fast paced market.

When the wheels are in motion, it really is like a fine tuned car.


Clientís Remarks

In what can be a very stressful time, Marilyn Rothman turned it into a pleasant experience always putting me at ease. She is extremely professional and was always accessible by phone or email, responding within the hour.She made me feel as if I were her only client. She is an excellent listener, so that she only sent me MLS listings that fit my criteria. She was always punctual, patient, very efficient and never pushy.Marilyn is very transparent and was very careful to explain any pitfalls that I might encounter. When it comes to the paperwork, she dots all the ďIsĒ and crosses all the ďTsĒ.

I would definitely use her again if I was to rent in Toronto and I highly recommend her to anyone in search of a higher end rental.

S.B. Toronto




Case Study

Owner Leasing Their Lovely House.

Objective: To Market and Lease an Executive Home to Lease.

Marilyn Rothman: I was asked to list and market a house for lease in a very popular Residential Location that I work in.

The owner was a long term client of mine who is a Great Landlord.

Objective: My goal was to produce marketing exposure with a package of photos, floor plan and information aligned to the luxury rental market that would produce interest and showings to a number of relocation and real estate prospects who would be interested in the location and propertyís features. Contact List, suitable Local and International website advertising were key to achieve a landlord/tenant fit that works.

Marilynís Remarks; The location, feedback from Tenant enquiries or Tenant brokerage enquiries, ongoing weekly or more communication with the owner achieves the kind of success that produces results. Again ongoing communication is key. We stayed in touch with the pulse of the area to keep updated of current market conditions which was important to know.

Working in tandem with the landlord to make an informed decision is an important part of this job that results in a good fit and great results.††††††


Clientís Remarks:

Marilyn Rothman has been my rental real estate agent for 22 years. Marilyn has been involved in all the leases of my Annex property ranging from short term to 9 years.I would not consider using any other than Marilyn as my broker.


Marilyn Rothman has a comprehensive, sophisticated and in-depth knowledge of the Toronto Real Estate rental market. She is extremely discerning in her recommendations and works very hard to find the right landlord/tenant mix.Her attention to detail ensures the rental agreements are flawless and there are no surprises during a tenancy. Marilyn is always readily available and communicates frequently and does all the work. Regardless of market conditions, Marilynís experience and skill combine to form a rental strategy that ensures optimum pricing, lease conditions and reliable tenants.I recommend her highly, she is unmatched in this city.

E.H., Toronto


Case Study:


Objective:Relocation family seeking an orientation.Limited time, did not know the city and only in town for a few days.


Marilyn: Many executives are in town only for a limited time; their company may ask them to make a decision on a job change based on this orientation. Where should I live, what is the best area; how long

Furnished or unfurnished, schools, personal likes and dislikes

I always like to initially meet or have a telephone interview with the prospect. This will assist me in determining through a person to person interview the directive of the plan.

I was asked to meet the prospect and his wife over coffee and we reviewed their requirements.By the time we actually met I would hope that I would have a focus on the requirements or if it may be necessary to refer them, with their consent, to a realtor brokerage that may be a better fit.†† I have a list of realtor brokerages in other locations in the Greater Toronto Area for this purpose.


Prospects Remarks:My wife and I were given the opportunity to explore the opportunity of relocating to Toronto for work. We had 3 days in Toronto to review the city and scope out potential places to live. With a young family the limited time frame made this process very daunting. We were introduced to Marilyn who went out of her way to meet us at our hotel early in the morning, we spoke about our lifestyle and the type of community our family wanted to live in. Marilyn was able to relate to us and quickly identify some key areas for us to look at.


On returning to Sydney-Australia, Marilyn kept us up to date with available houses through the internet as well as making recommendations on short term executive accommodation to assist us in our planning.


My wife felt very comfortable and confident in Marilyn which was a great help to our family giving us confidence through the whole process.


S. & C. B, Sydney Australia.

Case Study: Relocation executive moving to Toronto for a defined period of time.


Objective: An executive moving to Toronto to secure a rental. Recommended to me by a former client, I received a call from a gentleman moving to Toronto for new position.††


Marilyn: After a telephone interview, it became important that the location of the residence be walking distance to a place of business. Also the location was where his favorite shops, parks, and familiar settings were.

After exchanging emails and sending rental listings information, it was determined that we would focus on three properties all in the desired location, on his arrival to Toronto. One of these was an apartment I found through my property management sources in a dedicated rental building where the suite had just been renovated. It was perfect for him.The services and apartment were ideally suited although the apartment was a one bedroom it turned out that the space was spacious and had a view that he enjoyed.

As a tenantís agent, through a signed tenantís representation agreement, (client) Although I will look at the current listings for rent, I also will look for rentals that may be offered privately through an owner or enquire through property manager companies that I know in my goal to find a rental that will be right fit.†† This is part of my tenant representative agency service to help the tenant find a rental that works for them.


Client Remarks:I moved to Toronto and had only a few days in town to search and knew virtually nothing about the market. Marilynís insightful questions and keen knowledge of Toronto real estate were essential to finding the right place. Prior to arriving in Toronto, her careful planning for my visit with questions about my needs and wants as well as her providing me with detailed description of choices allowed us to locate a great place in one day with three visits. I would and have gladly recommended her to others.

C.K. Paris, France††

Other Testimonial(s)

If anyone in Toronto knows the rental and leasing market for quality homes in the core areas of our city Marilyn Rothman is the professional to call. In the twenty five years of doing business with Marilyn I have found her to be the most knowledgeable person in this field and one of the few who I could trust to ďtell it like it isĒ

B.N. Toronto

Bottom Line: A rental for me is the same as a sale. If we decide to work together, I will work equally as hard to get you results. As an accredited buyerís representative also, when we sign a Representation Agreement for sale or rent your commitment to us is never taken for granted.†† I do work in sales too but I am working mainly in condominium sales and locations such as Annex, Yorkville, Rosedale, Bayview, Lawrence park, North Toronto, Willowdale for example where I have the most experience of buildings and market conditions. If you find yourself looking in another area, we can discuss and with your consent a referral to a qualified real estate brokerage that I have had the experience of working with that could help you.*††††

Or Sometimes you may be thinking of entering the condominium market for sale or rent sometime in the future and want to chat confidentially about that*. Suitable locations for your particular lifestyle. The timing is up to you. That is your decision.

We try to work with what your requirements are. That is why our initial consultation is necessary- to establish and create a relationship that works.Ongoing Communication, Timing, Knowledge, Commitment, Hard Work, Experience=Results.

*This is not intended to solicit those parties currently under an agency contract with another real estate brokerage.


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